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The demands on leaders today are at an all-time high.  Individuals and teams require more energy, better communication, greater creativity and sustained focus to perform at the highest levels.  That’s why Peter McLaughlin is a perfect choice for your next meeting, retreat or conference.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of peak performance, Peter brings fresh insights backed by extensive research. And, most of all, he delivers it in a way that’s entertaining and FUN!

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The feedback from your session has been just great! Your enthusiasm and energy is strongly felt, and it is a pleasure to have your knowledge and expertise as a part of our Convention.”

- Mike Reagan, Vice President, RE/MAX Conventions

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I went to Regis High School in Denver, Colorado. It's a Jesuit school that believes in the classics. When I attended, I had to take Latin classes, and actually some college Greek classes. Isn't that a dead language? I asked. No, it's foundational, I was told: it will help you in everything you do. I'm glad they made me do it. Like the late … Read more...


Five rules on the role of the phone – and our use of it – from my book FEEDBACK REVOLUTION: DON'T EVER ANSWER THE PHONE . . . unless and until you're ready. Remember the airline emergency instructions: "Put on your own oxygen mask first and then help others." Your oxygen mask is comprised of positive energy and a spirit of … Read more...


Once upon a time, a court jester was joking in front of the king. But he went too far in chiding the royal family, so the king, who was in a bad mood already, ordered him killed. The guards started to carry him off when a member of the court interceded on the jester’s behalf.  “Good king, this fool, (as court jesters were called in … Read more...

THE LAST PIZZA: a fable about innovation

I conducted a sales seminar last week with a great and very interesting group of salespeople from Choice Hotels. (Forbes just named Choice Hotels the most innovative hotel group in the nation). In the course of the morning. I asked if the salespeople would speak to each other about any creative/innovative method they used to get in front of a … Read more...


When I was growing up in a family that didn't have a lot of money, especially in the early years, my mother would do clever things that took our attention away from not having money -- or even a family car, for instance. At just about every seasonal change, she would rearrange the furniture. Not just the furniture in the room, but the rooms … Read more...